I want you to really take your time to look over my approach so you can get a feel of what to expect when we work together. My goal is to provide my couples with the best experience and if that means we're not the right fit, I will do my best to find you a photographer that is fitting to you. I want us all to do the happy dance and shake our booties when we get to work together, I want us to be excited!

The Experience made just for you

it means just that, true to you! My style is focused on the real moments, no force smiles, nothing staged, and nothing set up. Just you being you whatever that means to you. As long as you're comfortable and having a good time i'm all for it. If you need an extra push or help, don't worry, I have a bunch of prompts we can play with to help get you in the mood. Unless, your extra push means, "I want some booze" and if thats what you need, GO FOR IT BOO! We can pop champagne and drink it afterwards.

So what does this mean exactly...

True To You;

Connection and trust is key to creating those fire images that make you say hot dammm. That's right. In order for me to capture these beautiful images for you, I need you to trust me, not only as your friend but as a photographer. So come into your session with an open mind, don't stress about it. Talk to me and let me know how you're feeling; are you excited? nervous? anxious? Let me know. I truly want to be your friend and not a vendor... remember, we are friends! I get invested in my couples because I truly care. I work the best with my friends; nothing but a chill, relax and fun time. 

I said it before, and i'll keeping saying it.


I get it, this is probably your first rodeo and omg there are so many things you've never thought about before when it came down to planning your own wedding. It can be super overwhelming. I've been to tons of weddings and have helped many of my friends planned their own so I have a pretty good knowledge on what to do and what no to do and will be happy to share everything with you. All the little details, like how to save you some cash moniessss, to creating a timeline so that you can get the most out of your day to spend with your loved ones, and what you'll need to get ready for your wedding. I really want you to be able to feel relax and stress-free on your wedding day so I'll help in any way that I can for you.

Here because I want to help you; 

Rhea + rafael

Analy made our elopement dreams come true. My husband and I had no idea about elopements and she helped us plan for it. She also recommended the location which was amazing! The shoot doesn't feel like a photoshoot at all it was raw and not scripted, she captured the best day of our lives, she braved the nasty weather just to get a nice shot! If your photographer can do that then consider yourself lucky! :) We are forever grateful to her, she's fun and easy to work with, very passionate and she's the best! Our photos were stunning specially in the prints!

"we are forever grateful to her..."

Emily + jesse

Analy has been incredible to work with from day one. I was instantly drawn to her photography and was so happy when she was available to capture our wedding. Even through all the ups and downs with COVID, Analy has continued to stand with us and remain flexible. After receiving our AMAZING engagement gallery of 100+ photos, I cannot wait for Analy to capture more of our special moments

"she continued to stand with us and remain flexible..."

eslynn + joseph

Analy is AMAZING at what she does! We were gifted with a maternity virtual photo shoot, which Analy and her incredible creativity had come up with this format during this whole pandemic situation. I’ve been following her virtual shoots and everything about them is so original! The backdrops she had set up were absolutely gorgeous. She guided us through each pose, made us laugh, and hyped us up throughout the whole thing. Before the photo shoot I actually reached out to Analy about some of the worries I had regarding how our place looked for the session and she was very responsive and reassuring, definitely helped and made me feel better! We are so happy with how everything turned out and can’t wait to finally do in-person sessions with her!

"made us laugh, and hyped us up throughout the whole thing.."

Steph + alvin

Analy is absolutely amazing! We hired her to shoot our engagement photos and they came out above and beyond my expectations! She's so great at making you feel comfortable and has these cute little tricks to get genuine reactions out of you for beautiful candid photos and that means a lot coming from the most awkward camera shy person on earth lol. She really is such a gem and so talented! We love her so much we're flying her out on our destination wedding because we don't trust anyone else to be able to capture our special day! Book. this. chick. NOW. :)

"She really is such a gem and so talented!..."

adam + raquel

My fiancé and I have only had our engagement session shot soo far, but from the start when we met with Analy I could tell I was gonna love her work. She was extremely friendly and happy to take amazing pictures of us and get us excited for our special day! She recommended an amazing spot to meet us to take our photos and it didn’t disappoint! I’ve never had professional pictures taken before and was a bit skeptical until she made the experience fun with no pressure. I love love love the photos we took and will recommend her to all my family and friends that will be getting married or just want fantastic professional pictures taken. Thanks a million Analy!

"she made the experience fun with no pressure...."

"Analy by far is the best photographer that I know"

follow along;