"Talented photographer. Ultimate hype-woman. What else is there to say about Analy!? She’s THE best"

-Leanna & Matthew

 I thrive to spread positivity and love wherever I go and to everyone. No time for the drama unless its when i'm watching K drama.  I like to think of myself as a pretty simple gal, it doesn't take much to make me happy because I love the simpler things in life; taking care of my house plants, eating pizza, binge watching K-dramas/ Netflix documentaries and exploring all things nature related in Oregon. These are the type of things that spark joy in my life, and of course getting to create with everyone through photography. It's truly my creative outlet and I love doing it!

One more thing to note; I'm a Portland native! Born and raised in the lovely PDX, aka Portland if you didn't know what PDX stands for! If you ever want to visit, hit me up and I can be your personal tour guide or send you a list of things to do & not to do. For an example, don't go to voodoo donuts, its really meh and not worth it but do go to PIPS for the yummiest bite site donuts and try their delicious chai flight. I love it here, the food options is endless and oh so good. If you want to chat over food, I'm with ya! 

let me start off by telling you some things about me first; 

I'm so glad you're here

My bestie, loverboy and the one other person besides my mother who can bug the shizzz out of me, that's Jeffy! We like to go off roading in the 4runner and take random trips to the coast to catch the sunset. I know Jeffy's a real one because he doesn't judge or complain about how many plants we have in our home. He comes with me to some of my shoots and weddings and is known to be the best hype-man and the most swagger on the dance floor. It's always a fun time with us, I promise! 

in love with my best friend! so cheesy

Obsession is truly an understatement...

If you've been following me on instagram for awhile, you probably know that my plants are literally my baby and I love them to pieces even though they can drive me crazy. Call me the plant collector, I love all types, do not discriminate, but my favorite species are anthuriums and I have a cabinet filled with all my rare babies. I can talk about them all day! If you need plant tips, don't be afraid to ask me. It's my honor! 


Call me crazy but ya girl got goals she wants to fulfill in her life and one of many is getting into Physician Assistant school so I can get that white coat and make my momma proud. I mean, thats the plan but if it doesn't work out i'm not going to beat myself up for it because I have backup plans too. ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP! Just like how I backup all photos to 3 different hard drives because if one fails, I know at least one of the other two will have my back and make it right ;)  


Let's be real, if you've never ate a tostino's pizza during your childhood did you even have a childhood? LOL i'm just kidding but actually though when I see it for .99 cents at the grocery store, you better believe i'm stocking up with 5 just incase I have those late night munchies and need a quick fill me up. It's even better and faster now that I can just put a whole tostino pizza in my air fryer for 15 mins and WAHLA, its just how I like it! If you didn't take anything away thus far, I hope this is something you'll remember. BEST TIP EVER! 


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