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Hey babes, here are some things i’d like you to know before hand;
I’m not the average photographer that shows up on your wedding day just to take photos and do the traditional poses because i’m paid to. My main purpose is to give you an amazing experience throughout this whole journey with me, literally from the moment we speak til the day I get to document your wedding day. If you’re just curious of my prices and comparing it to other photographers to find the cheapest deal you can get, you won’t value what I deliver you and that’s completely fine. I don’t want to be your second option, i want you to want me as much as I want you.  However, you should find a photographer that fits your expectations and needs.

Wedding planning can be stressful and get super spendy quick, I get it! But I promise you after it all, the only thing that will matter are the photos from your wedding day. Having your photos taken during your wedding is something so valuable that in time it will only increase in value and will be something you will cherish for a  life time. Let me capture your vision, while you just worry about having fun and dancing the night away with all your love ones. 

So lets create together, while having the best time ever. I like to think of each session as a time to hang out with new friends and to know you guys even better, this will help me capture photos of you and your person for who you actually are and what your relationship is.

Here are my promises to you:

  • I promise I’ll make this experience fun and enjoyable.
  • I promise to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable during the whole process, even though you’ll probably show up saying how much you hate getting your photos taken or how awkward you are in front of the camera.
  • I promise you that you won’t even notice the camera when we’re together and that i’ll guide you through the whole way.


So if you vibe with what i’m saying, let’s hang out!